Resilient Louisiana Commission
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About the Commission

The Resilient Louisiana Commission is charged with establishing a path from COVID-19 to a stronger and healthier state that is more resistant to future disruptions. Our members have made recommendations based on input from a diverse group of business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and residents throughout Louisiana in an open, public forum that welcomes all voices. The 18 commissioners were chosen, based on their expertise in the public and private sectors, to guide the state through the aftermath of the pandemic.

The RLC has used a task force structure to examine all aspects of Louisiana’s economy, including each of its critical sectors, to make recommendations for more resilient business-related activities and more equitable outcomes for every citizen. The commission has prepared a comprehensive response that outlines how Louisiana can safely reopen and how businesses and citizens can access the resources they need for long-term success.

Comprehensive Game Plan for a More Resilient Louisiana

Commission Co-Chairs

Secretary Don Pierson

As Secretary of Louisiana Economic Development, Don Pierson already is on the front lines of our business and economic recovery. He has decades of economic development experience at the local, regional and state levels, having served LED in an executive capacity since his appointment by Gov. Kathleen Blanco more than 15 years ago. Quite simply, he is eminently qualified to guide our business recovery as Louisiana’s leading economic development ambassador; and his comprehensive industry knowledge and global business connections will be invaluable as he guides our economic reset.

Terrie Sterling

Terrie Sterling’s lifelong commitment to healthcare has improved the health and wellbeing of Louisiana overall. For more than two decades, Terrie served in executive roles for the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, from chief nursing officer to chief operating officer and executive vice president, completing her experience with the health system by leading the opening of the new Children’s Hospital in Baton Rouge. Sterling now leads a healthcare management consultancy. Sterling is uniquely equipped to guide the re-emergence of a more resilient healthcare system in Louisiana.

Commission Members

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